About Us

We love what we do!

We have a passion for furniture design and trends and take pride in tweaking designs and colours to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

It’s not enough to be innovative in design, it must tick all the other boxes, be from sustainable sources, suit the various markets where are customers are and be priced to align with customer’s requirements.

Where we came from...

Coming together from both retail and manufacturing backgrounds, combining over 20 years of furniture retail experience, 20 years of import and wholesale distribution and 15 years working with large scale timber furniture manufacturers in Vietnam.

With this combined experience, PL Furniture is in the envious position of being well versed in all aspects of furniture and understands the needs of our customers.

Our Products

PL Furniture caters for all furniture departments including dining, occasional, living, bedroom lounge and outdoor products
We work in a broad range of materials including both solid timbers and veneers, as well as manufactured boards such as ply and mdf along with metal, concrete, marble and other solid surfaces.

PL Furniture currently work in a myriad of finishes whilst listening to our customers and researching upcoming trends.
We also have at our disposal a range of fabrics, p.u.’s and leathers for our upholstery needs, be it for dining chairs, sofas or upholstered beds.

Our design team work together with our R & D people to making sure that the products which are in their drawings works in real life with ease of production.

Where we are going...

With the furniture industry changing rapidly over the past 20 years, we of course expect this to continue. We have seen the demise of independent retailers in recent times but a long with the emergence of online companies, we are also seeing a new wave of boutique style chains and independents appearing.

We believe we are well positioned to move with the industry and although we concentrate on manufacturing our timber products in Vietnam, sofas and mattresses from China we are also eyeing off other economies as well as looking how we will best service our customers in the future.



What to know more?

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