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TV cabinet on the white wall in living room with armchair,minimal design,3d rendering


Although we are a relatively small team, PL Furniture brings together a wealth of experience including many years on furniture retail floors, managing a large multi-store furniture company, international buying from several key economies, operating a furniture import and Distribution company, second in charge at a large Anglo/Asian furniture factory in Vietnam, sales manger for Asian sofa manufacturing, managing exports to Korea and furniture production manager in an Australian hardwood timber factory. Expertise in import documentation and logistics.

We supply the furniture retail industry, hospitality and corporate hire sectors. Whilst we bring all this experience together, to give our customers the best possible experience. We are still learning and growing in this ever changing landscape! 


PL Furniture prides itself on our design capabilities. Design to us does not only mean innovation, but must be functional, cost effective and most importantly, suit the demographic that our customers cater to.

The process can either begin with us developing an idea, drawing and making sample products. It then proceeds to tweaking those products to improve the ease of production whilst maintaining good structure and economical use of materials. We can also use ideas that come from you, our customer, where we will design from your drawing or images to reach your target price.

3d render of interior in living room perspective and blank pop-up
Interior living room wall mockup with pink sofa and decor.3d rendering

Quality Control

Our quality control team is headed by an experienced furniture production manager and machine operator. Due to this, we go much further than in-line inspections, we actively engage with factories, discussing better practices in manufacturing and assembly.

Our team carries out in-line inspections, final finish inspections, as well as randomly assembling products to ensure ease of assembly for the end user. Colour samples are made showing finishes and are signed, dated and filed for reference to guarantee consistency.


As you are aware, from design to pricing, to production and shipping is a long journey. Because we speak your language, we keep you posted in regards to where your products are at every step of the way.

Our suppliers and our customers are our partners, we work together to achieve great results for all. We want our customers to enjoy increased sales and our suppliers to keep receiving orders.

We understand the needs of our customers and our suppliers because we have been there! To this end, it is our mission to promote synergy.

Modern interior of living room with cabinet for tv on dark blue wall background,3d rendering

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